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You recognise that your marriage or relationship is coming to an end, but at the same time, you worry about divorce or separation. You realise that there will be much to sort out, such as:

The family home


Parenting arrangements

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You wonder whether there might be other and better ways of resolving these issues - with dignity and integrity.

Let us help you!

Free Introductory Interview

Mention this website when arranging a first appointment with any collaborative family lawyer or mediator listed on the following pages, and you will be entitled to a free meeting.


Each individual will be entitled to one such meeting only.

The purpose of the meeting will be to identify the issues that the client faces and to provide more information about the different approaches to resolving those issues.

Can there really be an amicable divorce or separation?

Divorce and separation affect a large percentage of the population, and should, perhaps, be regarded as a ‘normal’ life event. We believe that it is possible for families to make the transition from being together to being separated or divorced without confrontation and conflict.

Few couples want their marriages or relationships to end in acrimony—most would like to remain on good terms with their spouses or partners (and their wider families). Most individuals setting out on the path to divorce or separation hope for a fair outcome and a secure future for themselves - but they also seek a fair outcome for both themselves and their partners. The purpose of this website is to help you to understand the options open to you and to find family law professionals in Worcestershire who have trained as Mediators or Collaborative Practitioners, and who are committed to helping clients to achieve an amicable divorce - with dignity and integrity rather than conflict and confrontation.

The time allocated to the meeting will be 30 minutes, though this may be extended at the mediator/collaborative family lawyer's discretion.

What are the options for an amicable divorce or separation?

Mediation - where the separating couple negotiate their own solutions with the help of a neutral mediator, whilst using their solicitors to give independent advice and to deal with any implementation work.

Collaborative Family Law - where the couple and their solicitors meet together at round table meetings to negotiate solutions.

What other help is there?

Financial Neutrals - experienced independent financial advisers who have received specialist training to equip them to provide impartial help to couples in amicable divorce cases.

Divorce Coaches - family professionals experienced in working with families in crisis who have trained to provide support to couples and individuals as they work through divorce processes.

Free Introductory Interview


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